New ramen menu: 1) Miso Ramen 2) Soy(shouyu) ramen 3) Tonkotsu ramen
Open Sesame!

1) Sweet 2) Black 3) Regular White 4) Spicy

A unique taste experience. Perfect for sprinkling on just about any food.
* 4 oz weight and $3.00 each + tax. See our store for your order. Shipping available

You asked for it and now you have it!

Our delicious house dressing is now available in 16oz containers for you to take home and enjoy.
Just $3.75 + tax

iPhone4/4S cover are on sale at store
Protective case made of Chirimen (Japanese traditional fabric), Made in Japan
Reg. Price $29.50 +tax
Contact us for more detail by e-mail

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